The goal of NAFEA is to promote the development of forensic entomology throughout North America and to encourage co-operation with other similar international bodies. The NAFEA mission is to provide a cooperative arena for forensic entomologists to interact and collaborate in ways that enhance the science, moral and ethical foundation, and reputation of forensic entomology.


As we approach the end of our second decade as an organization, we have an opportunity to look back on what we have done to further the science of forensic entomology, as well as what we plan to do going forward. At its core, NAFEA is a group of scientists. We have members just beginning the path to an incredible career, members who have decided it might be time to slow down a little (after this next grant, or next collection trip, or next few papers, of course), and members that are right in the midst of bringing new entomological discoveries to light. NAFEA has always been a place where anyone with an interest in forensic entomology could meet and be treated as an equal, and it is this spirit that I hope carries on into the future.

The goals of NAFEA have always been lofty, and are ever-expanding to encompass the changing nature of the forensic sciences. As an organization we now have endowments meant to support students, and awards for presentations at the annual conferences. The 2020 annual conference overcame the unprecedented challenge of a global pandemic to present the first-ever fully virtual NAFEA conference and business meeting, which saw not only one of our most attended conferences, but one of the highest proportions of student attendees on record. It also saw the launch of our very own scientific journal, the Journal of Forensic Entomology, which I hope will give forensic entomologists the world over a place to publish specialized research in an open access format.

Members of NAFEA have entrusted the presidency of this organization to me for the next two years, and I am beyond honored to serve in this role. The amount of knowledge and experience encapsulated by our members is astounding, and I hope to take advantage of this opportunity to take NAFEA to even greater heights. Thank you all for your trust, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and hopes for this group and our future.


Dr. Adrienne Brundage, D-ABFE
NAFEA President