NAFEA was established with the primary mission to serve as the professional association of forensic entomologists and those interested in the science of forensic entomology.  NAFEA strives to provide a venue for the presentation of research, casework, and cooperative ideas on forensic entomology.  To accomplish its organizational mission, NAFEA has the following objectives:


Objective 1:
To promote the recognition of forensic entomology as an important component of the criminal justice system.

Objective 2:
To exchange ideas and information within the field of forensic entomology and to foster friendship and co-operation among various scientists, law enforcement agencies, and the public throughout the world.

Objective 3:
To encourage a high level of scientific and professional rigor in the field of forensic entomology, by drafting, maintaining and encouraging standard methods and
practices for North American forensic entomologist.

Objective 4:
To facilitate the incorporation of current research and technical development into
established, existing and future practice in forensic entomology.

Objective 5:
To provide a published outlet in the form of a professional newsletter or journal for current research and technological advances in the field of forensic entomology.

Objective 6:
To provide a medium through which ethics of those practicing forensic entomology will be maintained.